The Long River, A Personal Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot by J.P. Cormier

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Released January 11, 2005:


The Long River

A Personal Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot


Flash Publishing & Entertainment



The Long River, A Personal Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot, by J.P. Cormier

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter J.P. Cormier has released his six-years-in-the-making tribute to Canadian songwriting legend Gordon Lightfoot.  Recorded and engineered by Cormier, and co-produced by Cormier and manager Andre Bourgeois, the album features eighteen Lightfoot classics and an added track penned by J.P.  The project is truly a labour of love with Cormier being the lone instrumentalist and vocalist.  From 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drums, percussion, strings, keyboards, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandolin and piano, Cormier stays true to the album’s claim of being a “personal tribute”.

Notice that in the picture below, J.P. is posing with his own signature edition Lightfoot Martin (the D-18GL).

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J.P. Cormier with his Gordon Lightfoot Signature Martin

“The Long River: A Personal Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot” is available from Amazon Canada.

The track listing is below; 18 Lightfoot songs and a tribute song, "The Poet", by J.P. himself. Unfortunately, I don't have the CD where I can find it quickly, so I can't offer clips, and there are no longer any clips on J.P.'s website, but trust me - this is a wonderful album of covers. J.P. is a skilled musician, and his vocals are outstanding too. If you enjoy good covers of Lightfoot songs, this CD should be in your collection! Note that it is available only from Amazon Canada, but because of the exchange rate, it's not as expensive as it looks (US visitors, remember that the shipping fee is $10 CDN). 



Track list:

  1. Long River

  2. The Circle Is Small  

  3. Song for a Winter’s Night

  4. The Watchman’s Gone        

  5. Ode to Big Blue

  6. I’ll Be Alright           

  7. Bitter Green

  8. Cherokee Bend       

  9. Dream Street Rose  

10. Talking In Your Sleep

11. Approaching Lavender

12. Home From The Forest

13. Early Morning Rain

14. Sixteen Miles

15. For Lovin’ Me

16. Circle of Steel

17. Steel Rail Blues

18. The Canadian Railroad Trilogy

19. The Poet





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